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UV Fluorescent Water Dye Tablets
UV Water Dye

We offer our bio-degradable and non-toxic UV tracer dye tablets in 3 fluorescing colours - Yellow/Green, Pink/Red and Orange.

These top quality dyes are suitable for general leak detection such as motor vehicle leaks and excellent for identifying diffusion and dispersion patterns, rates of flow, discharge locations, seepage areas, sea marking, and more. The tablets are also ideal for UV water display effects.

The dye tablets diffuse rapidly in water, producing a vivid, easy-to-detect color which is vivid under UV conditions.

Fluorescent yellow/green dye works best in silt-filled waters. Use an ultraviolet lamp (order separately) to trace fluorescent red or yellow/green dyes where normal visual detection is difficult.

Minimum detectable concentration of all dyes in clear water is 1 part per million. For a dye only visible under ultra violet see our here

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Jar of 10 tablets
Supplied in:
Jar of 10 tablets

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