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Ultra Violet Torch 380nm 41 LED

 UV BLACK lIGHT Torch 380 nanometre

Our best selling UV LED Torch. 41 LEDs with a high quality and stable 380nm output and suitable for a multitude of different UV applications. As used by UK Police, Customs and Excise and food hygiene teams. Ideal in detection of:

  • Food hygiene and cleaning inspection
  • Invisible UV marking in "all colours"
  • Scorpion Detection
  • Currency Marks
  • Urine Stains
  • Antique Glass Inspection (Uranium)
  • Leak Dye Detection
  • Body Fluid Detection
  • Narcotic Tracing
  • Mineral Hunting
  • Fine Art Inspection
  • Use of Security Inks
  • Fungal Infection Tracking

This year's colour is silver body. Takes 4 x AAA batteries and these are good for 5 hours continuous operation. Full 1 year warranty. Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong.

15cm x 7cm
Supplied in: