Invisible Blue UV Reactive Water Dye Concentrate (3 sizes)

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Visible Colour UV Water Dye Concentrate - 250ml

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UV Leak Detection Kit - Engine / Automotive Cooling

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Product code: UVB6003
Weight: Various within options

Stunning invisible blue glycol-free, non-toxic concentrate for water. Ideal for stain-free leak detection, PC cooling systems, water lamps, special effects, water fountains and water curtains. Not suitable for aquaria and not suitable for ingestion. Available as a super concentrate in 50ml, 250ml and 5 litre bottles.

Mix rate guide from 1:500 up to 1:2500 depending on intensity required.

Check the video on the left for a visual demonstration.

This is an exclusive UV Gear product specially made by us after extensive research and development.

Weak Response - 50ml will dye 25 litres of water

Strong Response - 50ml will dye 12.5 litres of water

See below for our leak detection kits including a 76 LED torch.

See below for alternative dye colours.

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