UV Leak Detection Kit - ROOF

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Product code: UVI2002
Weight: Various within options

Our unique super bright UV Dye and Torch kits are safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable so ideal for all forms of roof leak detection, large or small.

Red or Yellow Dyes in this kit can be seen under normal day light but glow super bright using the 76 LED UV inspection torch included. Ideal for detection where staining is not an issue i.e. flat roofs, drains etc.

Each kit includes our powerful UV Torch with 76 LEDs for detection and a bottle of our 50ml dye plus full instructions. See below for dilution rates for each 50ml bottle.


For a weaker glow 50ml Red or Yellow = 1200 litres

For a stronger glow 50ml Red or Yellow = 600 litres

If you have any questions on this product please contact us at info@uvgear.co.uk or simply call our friendly team on 01737 233 890

This product is not for aquaria or ingestion.

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