Blacklight UV-Reactive Neon Fluorescent Dayglo Confetti

(Ex. VAT £12.46)
Product code: UVH1006
Weight: Various within options

Check out the videos below for this amazing UV Confetti which flutters slowly to the ground. Sold in 1 kilo bags each strip is 50mm x 18mm tissue which is fully fire-safe and certified for indoor use. Cut to shape for a slow fall.

Our UV reactive fluro neon confetti is great for brightening up large areas such as dance floors, marquees, parties etc. It also produces an amazing UV effect when thrown around. For added theatre how about sprinkling it in our mesh tull above the dance floor and releasing on the crowd at the big moment!

This confetti is available in one kilo bags.

We also have some extra stock in Fluro Green in 55mm circles.

A great product and we are significantly cheaper than other suppliers within the EU.

Available in Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, White and All New Electro-Blue!

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