Germaglo Germ Transfer Demonstration Powder Green/Blue

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Product code: UVJ2001
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Non toxic and highly flourescent under UV light this powder is supplied by us into the NHS and some of the UK's leading care home groups.

GermaGlo invisible powder kit is used to demonstrate and simulate how easily germ transfer can occur and to show the dangers of poor hand washing techniques. It can also be used for powder containment training.

Trainers use this product to create a strong visual message on the ease of germ transfer between objects and people. For classroom and training environments, students often pass around one of our Germballs to show how easily inter-personal germs can transfer. Germaglo handwash powder will fluoresce brightly under UVA blacklight.

Full instructions and handy advice notes are supplied with this item. A suitable UV lighting device is required. We recommend this item. Don't forget to pick up a forensic dusting brush for easy application

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