Germaglo Hand Hygiene Value Training Kit

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Product code: UVJ1005
Weight: Various within options

A complete set of invisible germ simulation products with a powerful 41 LED UV identification torch. All products are invisible under normal daylight but glow intensely bright under the UV torch provided.

The lotion is ideal for spotting poor handwash techniques. The Bio Ball and Germ Powder are great for demonstrating the transfer of invisible germs between humans. We also include 8mls of our invisible transfer grease, ideal for marking items and showing transfer of germs from phones etc.

Suitable as a good starter pack for training organisations and schools. Everything you need for the demonstration of cross contamination and infection control training. All items can be topped up individually thereafter.

Each pack consists of:
1 x 120ml Invisible Handwash Lotion
1 x Invisible 8ml Cream
1 x 20g Invisible Transfer Powder
1 x Germ Bio Ball
1 x 41 LED UV Torch
1 x Full Information Pack

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