Germaglo Standard Cleaning Inspection Kit

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Product code: UVJ1008
Weight: Various within options

The Germaglo Cleaning inspection kit contains everything you need to test for cleaning effectiveness.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 bottles of 250ml hazmat spray lotion
  • 1 tub of germ simulation transfer powder with brush
  • 1 tub germ transfer cream,
  • 1 x 380nm UV Torch
  • 1 set of skin marking pens
  • 5 pairs of latex gloves for application.

If you want re-assurance that cleaning contractors or employees are doing their job properly and that your property is meeting the required standard, use our kit before one of your customers / visitors complains!

The perfect product combination to run regular testing in hotel rooms, medical centres, hospitals, public conveniences, washrooms and restrooms etc. Products can be covertly applied to surfaces and areas that are regularly touched prior to cleaning and then inspected afterwards using the powerful UV torch supplied with the kit. Normally invisible to the eye in daylight or white light, you will discover immediate evidence of poor or missed cleaning service.

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