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UV Invisible Effect Colour Spray Paint - New *Coming Soon*

(Ex. VAT £24.96)
Lead Time: 7 days
Product code: UVB2005
Weight: Various within options

New to UV Gear and the UK, we will shortly be offering invisible UV reveal paints in 400ml spray cans under our Clear2colour brand. Please note that for delivering invisible effect paints in a pressurised cannister format requires a finely milled pigment to avoid spray clogging. As such you will need to apply several layers in order to build up rich colour.

Warning: This is not phosphorescent effect paint (afterglow). This product works only under UV black light and will need UV light of between 365 and 380nm. Some colours will work under our UV LEDs, others will not. Please ask us before buying.

These are rare products, which come in a range of 7 colours.
Some colours are more intense than others: greens and pinks will be richer than blues and purples.

Before applying the paint over a surface, do a test: they are solvent-based paints and can damage some plastics.
Black light spray can be applied permanently over fabrics.

The special nozzle enables colour gradients or even paint coats.

The advantage of painting with spray paint is speed: no installation, no tools to buy or to clean.

How to use:
Shake the can vigorously
Apply 1-4 quick passes, preferably over light backgrounds
Avoid sun exposure
Harmful if inhaled, always use in a well ventilated space.

Coverage: Layered you will achieve 1-2sqm maximum

Do not apply a varnish or clear UV laquer on top as this contains a UV inhibitor which will block the UV light rays and reduce the colour richness. If you want to protect the paintwork then contact us for a recommendation.

Email us here if you would like to be notified when our new stock arrives.

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