Kryolan Invisible UV effect, UV reactive body paint & Facepaint

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    Product code: UVC2010
    Weight: Various within options

    8ml invisible colour change grease based body paint. These creams are supplied as a white base but become invisible when applied to the skin in ambient conditions; with UV lighting the cream glows in one of 4 different electrifying luminescent colours. These colours are: Orange, Blue, Green and High White. A stunning and surprising effect for party and theatre applications

    Our invisible make-ups are simple to apply with brushes, sponges or even fingers. Ideal for theatre productions, club events or UV parties. They are manufactured by Kryolan a world leader in Make-up manufacture and who have never tested make-ups on animals in over 60 years of development.

    For easy application, grab a pack of our make-up sponges.

    UV Gear is an approved Kryolan distributor