UV Sports SpeX UV Protective Sports glasses 100% UVA blocking

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Developed by UV Gear for Eye protection when playing UV Sports but also very useful for many other applications including driving, laboratory work and UV curing. The glasses have a universal fit with expandable frames and rubber temple grips - they simply do not fall off whilst remaining incredibly comfortable to wear. The clear lenses offer 100% UVA protection without any dulling effect on UV fluorescence. This makes them perfect for UV Sport and Glow Games. If you are regularly working or playing in UVA light it is sensible to protect the eyes. UV Gear recommend UV Sport operators should invest in UV Sports Spex for this reason. Frames are glow green colour.

These glasses also double up as ideal UV protective shades for all outdoor activities where no tinting is required to shade from direct sunlight. Due to their sport engineered shape they also fit perfectly and very comfortably under crash helmets of all types. Now an essential accessory for the boss here when he is out cruising on his electric skateboard but also great for cyclists, runners and motorcycle riders.

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