UV Reactive Glow Sports / UV Sports Blacklight 7-a-side Netball Kit

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    The essential kit to plat 7 v 7 UV Netball excluding UV lighting. To hire a full indoor netball lighting rig contact us here or if you wish to buy a lighting system, we recommend a minimum of 6 of our 150W UV Floodlights. Each kit includes 5 x Cloth tapes - assorted colours - 25 yards of our sticky/removable court marking UV cloth tape. Enough to cover the important lines! 1 x Uber-Fluro black light netball, 14 x UV Mesh training bibs, 14 x UV Head and Wrist Band sets and 2 nets. This covers just the basics. On top of this why not buy makeup, leg warmers, sports SpeX glasses etc.