UV Reactive Glow Sports / UV Sports UV Reactive Glow Badminton / Raveminton Kit

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    Our unique super bright Badminton Kit is perfect for some black light 'Raveminton'.

    Each kit includes 5 x 25 metres of our sticky/removable court marking UV cloth tape. Thats enough to cover all single and double court lines, short and long service lines, centre lines etc.

    The kit also includes 4 x colour change LED Shuttleocks, 4 x UV headbands and 8 x UV Wrist Bands.

    In each Kit:

    5 x 25 metre (24mm wide) super glow UV Cloth Tape

    4 x Colour change LED Shuttlecocks

    4 x UV Headbands

    8 x UV Wrist Bands

    Add the Badminton Kit to your shopping Cart and then choose a UV light to suit your event space, you'll then be good to glow!