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Invisible UV Body Roll-on Ink
Invisible UV Skin Ink

Back after repeated requests! Our invisible effect body skin ink roll-on comes in 4 invisible UV colours. Completely invisible until the blacklights come on and then glows incredibly bright. Supplied in a handy 10ml roll-on bottle, the ink is quick drying and easy to apply. Colours are super vivid under blacklight, safe and non-toxic.

Please note that the Blue and Green Roll-ons will be visable under all UV lights where as Yellow and Pink pens are best at 365-375nm - Most standard uv tube lights operate at this frequency.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to restictions we cannot ship this product internationally. Don't apply to broken or chapped skin or around the eyes, mouth or nose; elsewhere just go to town and create that special unique look. Not suitable for sensitive skin types. Always test a small amount first to check.

10ml Roll-on
Supplied in:
10ml Roll on Bottles

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