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Inspecting Fine Art with UV Light

UV Gear has teamed up with local Surrey art dealer and restoration specialists, The Cider House Galleries.

Together the companies have spent countless hours evaluating and testing an extensive range of UV devices for the purpose of inspecting a range of different period and method paintings for authenticity and degree of alteration. This research has helped up to fine tune the design of UV lighting devices specifically for this application and to make these products available to the international market. There are many variables that will have an effect on what you can see using UV devices of different wavelengths and power output.


Creating the perfect combination of output, wavelength, power, portability and cost has been our joint aim and we feel this has been accurately achieved. It would be commercial suicide for us to advertise a full brief of our findings on the internet. This would simply hand our competitors a golden ticket to plagiarise us (again)!

So as an alternative, we can offer you a friendly response by telephone or email where we will be able to evaluate your specific requirements and recommend the right solution.

UV Gear now offers a range of over a dozen different portable UV devices, each one using different components matched to different applications. If you're not sure what you need, we are always on hand to advise.

If you are:

  • An Art Auction House

  • An Art Dealership / Gallery

  • An Art Restoration Professional

  • An Art Valuation Expert

  • An Art Sourcing Company

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