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....Welcome to  UV Sport: A new dimension in sporting activity and sports entertainment.

UV Gear was formed in 2002. With an international trading history that spans 15 years, we remain at the forefront of UV & Glow-in-the-dark product development.  

The company is a global market leader in the domain of UV LED lighting. We have applied our lighting expertise to create durable, safe, high-power UV Floodlights for use in sporting arenas and leisure destinations. With full IP65 Rating and a range of output power and frequencies to choose from, our lighting units have allowed creative people to open up all sorts of new opportunities. UV Sport is one such phenomenon and its appeal is universal.


What is it?

Simply put, we take traditional games and activities and give them a futuristic “TRON” treatment to turn everything neon. The end product completely captivates the eye and sends young heartbeats racing!

UV Sport has a mesmerising and almost magical property. It will very quickly attract and engage a new generation of participants. It will also revitalise a passion for your game from long-term players and the newly converted. Any feelings of hesitancy and apathy are immediately sidelined by the visual impact of UV Sport. The responses we have witnessed from people of all ages have been both rewarding and unequivocal.

Check out our list of activities that can be converted or “raved up” for maximum impact. UV Gear can offer you permanent or temporary installations, road-show kits, hire inventory and much more. In support of our lighting systems we manufacture and import a complete range of sporting accessories and products to bring your event to neon life! We are the original and leading ‘one-stop-shop’ for Glow Sports Products and Lighting both in the UK and internationally.

What can it do?

You want to attract more young people into your sport. You want to promote the fun side of participation in that sport. The activity remains the same but converting it to a UV Sport enhanced activity is a great way to do this. Some of our sport customers are even running UV-only tournaments!

And here’s another thing to consider! Playing sport in UV light can sharpen your senses; improve hand-to-eye co-ordination and build up spatial awareness skills. We are commissioning further research on this right now!

UV Gear is the approved supply partner for the RFU, the Football Association of Ireland, England Volleyball, Table Tennis England and Badminton England. We also work with a number of US organisations including Xglosive Tennis – An American Tennis Success Story!

We continue to advise and supply hundreds of Football Clubs, Universities, Schools, Councils and Community Foundations with specialist glow sports expertise and equipment. We’re expanding and diversifying with every step.

What’s next?

Talk to us! Tell us what you want to achieve and let us come up with a multiple benefit solution.

A selection of Partner Clients to date:

Football Association of Ireland (FAI)

Volleyball England

Badminton England

England  Table Tennis

The Rugby Football Union (RFU)

Xglosive Tennis, USA

Yorkshire Sport Foundation (CSP)

Active Notts (CSP)

Active Lancashire (CSP)

Liverpool FC Foundation

Crystal Palace Football Club Foundation

Man City - City In the Community

Norwich City FC Community Sports Foundation

Sunderland AFC – Foundation of Light

Leicester City Foundation

Saints Foundation

Huddersfield Town Foundation

Reigate and Banstead Council

Wandsworth Council 

Nottingham City Council

Ulster University Sport

Bury College

Kendal Squash Club

University of Greenwich

University of London

Stafford College

Croydon College

Greenwich University 

Loughborough University

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