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UV Lighting consultancy

Mission Statement:
We conceptualise, design, create and implement the use of ultraviolet effects for advertising and promotional marketing.

Divisional Breakdown:
Outdoor Illuminations and Signage


Neon signs now have very real competition. With the advent of outdoor LED UV lighting we've opened up a brave new world of outdoor illumination. Neon is costly to form and has no adaptability once made. However, create neon fluorescent displays for next-to-nothing, change the media as often as you like, add strobe and flicker effects, add invisible reveal effects, add afterglow effects and enter a new era in outdoor attention grabbing. Exterior signs can be made in screen-print and vinyls. Roadshow Vehicles.

Indoor Illuminations and Signage:
Alongside our revolutionary outdoor lighting systems, we have also been working on interior signage concepts for retail, leisure parks, pubs and clubs. Giant logo replicas, backdrops, theatrical effects, UV Art are all available through our network of highly talented artists. All new 3D with Chromadepth glasses.
Point of Sale
Bar-top displays, In Cinema 3-D marketing. Bottle display marketing.
Display Cabinets, Light-edge acrylic props, dispense counters, UV Effect illumination, Dual Image Effects, 1 message by day, another by night
Game and Promotion Mechanics
Invisible Print - poster / card / invite, Concepts: Instant Win,
Clothing / Print wear
We have invisible inks that print onto textiles and fabrics including leather, polyester and cotton.
We also supply afterglow and neon fluro UV responsive fabrics including ribbon and embroidery threads.

Instant Win T-shirt
Message reveal under UV