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Tracking Down Pet Urine Stains

Advice For Using UV Lights To Find Pet And Urine Stains In Your House

For straightforward advice on pet stains and how to find them with UV lights.

First of all you should understand that a great number of online sellers (especially those on eBay and Amazon) are claiming to sell devices that will do this job efficiently. With such a huge selection of UV lights and torches being promoted by internet sellers it's easy to end up buying something that just doesn't do the job.

OUR ADVICE: Don't Buy until you know exactly what you are looking for! You need to know what output and wavelength of light works.

Here at UV Gear, we've done the research for you, we've run extensive tests and can confidently advise what type of light and what wavelength you need to help you identify your pet stains. Consequently, if you contact us with your requirements, we will make sure you get to purchase the right product. To this end we have designed and built what we believe is the most powerful hand-held urine detection device currently available. Not only will this devise identify staining at a distance of 5 metres plus in full daylight, but with direct close-up exposure for several minutes it will also break down the ammonia compound and remove the smell. It's a great device but very powerful and needs to be used with caution. Order yours here!

We will advise you on device output and wavelength relative to the type of inspection you conduct. For immediate assistance please email us using the contact form below.


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