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Essential extras for all of our UV Detective products.



Dusting Powder Brush
(Ex. VAT £2.46)
SKU: UVI6005
Desktop Handwash Training Inspection Lamp
(Ex. VAT £199.96)
SKU: UVI6006
Latex Gloves for Powder Handling - 5 pairs
(Ex. VAT £2.46)
SKU: UVI6004
Dry Ink Pad
(Ex. VAT £4.13)
SKU: UVI6001
Ink Stamp UV Gear
(Ex. VAT £8.29)
SKU: UVI6002
UL Longwave Safety Glasses
(Ex. VAT £8.29)
SKU: UVI6003
UV Gear Best Value 9 LED 365nm UV Torch
(Ex. VAT £10.79)
SKU: UVA3008
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