Invisible effect UV reactive reveal paint in colours - 100ml

(Ex. VAT £16.63)
Product code: UVB2003
Weight: Various within options

For the ultimate in UV effect our invisible UV paint brushes on wet as a milky-white formula but dries to a fully translucent finish.

Comes in a range of 5 invisible to visible colours. The glow colour cannot be seen under daylight or incandescent light but will vividly fluoresce under UV blacklight.

See the video on the left for a before and after effect.

This paint offers a stunning dichotomy between a typical painted landscape and a bright beaming neon one all in the same painting.

We offer 5 super bright invisible colours plus a black which is useful for making the visible 'invisible' in UV.

Available in 100ml pots or 475ml tubs.

All our paints come with a full set of application tips and advice.

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