Matt Black Stage Blackout Paint - perfect for UV Theatrical backdrops

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    Product code: UVB1004
    Weight: 4 kg

    A specially formulated light absorbing blackout paint ideal for backdrops, stageshows, UV theatre effects or where complete blackout is required.

    This stuff really is quite amazing with no sheen and a deep "void" black appearance.

    This light absorbing blackout paint always adds a professional touch top any UV theatre project.

    FINISH: Matt.
    SOLVENT: Water.
    BINDER TYPE: Vinyl Acrylic.
    DILUTION: Recommended to use with a 50/50 mix with water. Diluting this paint may make coverage less even.
    FILM THICKNESS: 2 mil. Dry Film.
    COVERAGE: Appx 200 sq. ft. per litre in dilution.
    CLEAN-UP: Soap and water.
    PACKAGING: 1 litre tubs