Thief Trapper Invisible UV Powder Red / Yellow / Orange

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Product code: UVI3002
Weight: Various within options

Our Red Thief Detection Powder has a stronger fluorescence specially formulated for catching thieves.

Simply apply a very small amount to cash registers, purses, wallets etc. and when contact is made, the powder will be transferred and cause an invisible stain to the skin and to clothing. The stain is only detectable through the use of a UV light such as our Powerful X15 365nm LED UV Torch

Don't forget to pick up a forensic dusting brush for easy application.

We also supply a comprehensive kit with the option of our 20g Invisible Powder in Red, Yellow or Orange, Blue and Green Including a UV Led Torch, Dusting Brush Application Gloves User Guide. For your peace of mind all our theft detection products are sent under plain packaging click here

Size: 20 gram dust jar

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