UV Detective Pet Stain Detection Kit

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    If your carpets smell and you think pet urine is the culprit then you need a proven detection system to locate the source in order to take action. UV Gear is the only company (that we are aware of) that has run comprehensive tests on carpets of different shades and materials with a multitude of different UV devices to drill down on a best all-round solution. Before you rush out to buy a UV Torch on eBay please consider this. UV Torches come in a multitude of different sizes and specifications. It is unlikely that you will know what spec. you need for urine detection. But we do and using our unique pet stain detector UV LED Torch 41 LED's with a high quality and stable 380nm output and 'high-contrast effect' glasses kit will enable you to quickly identify affected areas. Save time and money buying your solution from the UK's leading UV detection specialists, UV Gear.