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UV-Reactive Dayglo "Brightstar" artist paint - 60ml -SET OF ALL 9 COLOURS

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Buy the full set of all 9 colours here and save £13.60!. Our range of super thick Ultra Violet 60ml art pots are top-quality blacklight paints. This paint has been a best seller for over 15 years and used by thousands of artists. Offering a true 'pop' under UV lighting.

Available in 9 great colours, these paints are so thick they can be mixed with 20% water to thin out and can be combined to create further shades. Coverage approx 5-6 square metres per half litre.

Water-based with acrylic binder. Can be applied by brush, roller, sponge or HVLP spray gun.

For larger pot sizes try our 250ml paint or 1 Litre pots.

To buy individual colours only go here.

Our Paints, Dyes and Pigments sections offers a wide range of painting possibilities such as invisible paints and paints applicable to several fabrics.

Our product is safe and prestigious with rave reviews from a multitude of customers over the course of 20 years

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