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UV-C Decontaminator Lamp - Initial feedback

Our newly-launched Covid 19 Decontaminator lamp is proving popular and successful with our early adopter customers. 

As we all face the on-going struggle to beat this virus, UV Gear have introduced the "Decontaminator". A sterilisation lamp packed with safety features and suitable for domestic and small business use. 

Using the same UV-C light technology that is using in hospitals and medical centres to purify the air, the decontaminator will sterilise small to medium size rooms in just 60 minutes. 

The device will irradiate air spaces and surfaces neutralising and destroying pathogens, bacteria and viral microbes including the Corona Virus rendering the area clear from contaminates.

The Decontaminator can only be used when no humans, animals or plant-life is present in the room being irradiated. To this end, we have added motion sensor and remote control features to make operation simple and safe. The Decontaminator can only be used by adults who have fully read and understood our comprehensive instruction manual. 

Ideal for (but not exclusive to): 

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hotel Rooms
  • School Classrooms
  • Open Office Areas
  • Residential Homes and Hospices
  • Dental and Doctors Surgeries
  • Heath centres, Homeopathic Clinics, Beauticians
  • Retail Space and Shops
  • Gyms and Sports Centres
  • Public toilets

"Sorry for the late reply, yes arrived in perfect condition, I’ve set it up and used it a few times interesting the smells you get after use! 

The safety microwave sensor is very good and incredibly sensitive thankfully. 

I really can’t fault it. I’ll probably look to change the the lamps after a year unless you know different?

Working in a hospital we have had various suppliers who have tried to get the hospital to buy a UV-C room robot at .... £70,000!"

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